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‎-Blue Starfish and Black Currents for Breakfast Blues-

when i was very young i always wanted my own radio station. i once heard bola sete on kbca 105.1 fm 24 hour jazz in los angeles broad cast live […]

Ghasem Batamuntu Interview on “Allaboutjazz” – A Gift from Trane

A video interview has taken place, check it out!

Concert review by Jazzenzo

CONCERTRECENSIE Ghasem Batamuntu and the M.P.A.C. Factor -E-. Amsterdam, Bimhuis, 21 januari 2009 Ghasem Batamuntu is volgens zichzelf geen jazzartiest. Hij wordt door velen wel zo gezien, zodat er een […]

The Mirror Conspiracy in Rotown

The original article is viewed here. Full credits go to 3VOOR12/Rotterdam “I see the Mirror Conspiracy stand tall for years and years” Dan staat The Mirror Conspiracy klaar om af […]

CD Review Mozaic The Mirror Conspiracy The Mirror Conspiracy in Paradiso (Photo: Renato Verweij) Album Cover of The Mirror Conspiracy – Mosaic, created by guitarist and painter Patrick Verdonk Keyboardist / founder / composer / […]

Improvisation festival (California)

Go to the event’s website 3 – 6 december | 2009

Breath of Life CD Review A Gift from Trane

GHASEM BATAMUNTU / “Ghasem Batamuntu Mixtape” Source: Breath of Life – (BoL Mixtape – July 12, 2010) MP3 02 Ghasem Batamuntu Mixtape.mp3 (44.34 MB) Kweli Tutashina, responding to a Son […]

An Interview with Ghasem Batamuntu and Will Alexander from Prague CZ

Visionary New Afrikan Jazz Poetics from South Central Los Angeles…an interview conducted by Darrell Johnson from Prague, Cz Astral choirs chime beneath furious yet prosaic percussion, while brass as soft […]

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