About The Nu Nova Compound

the nu nova compound is a jazz based multimedia performance ensemble based in the netherlands. the leader, california native and multimedia performance artist ghasem batamuntu, performs on soprano saxophone, didgeridoo, misc percussion and self made instruments. he has resided in holland for the past 26 years. the ensemble is comprised of musicans and artist from a variety cultures and countries including west africa, the americas, brazil, cuba, suriname, turkey, and the netherlands.

world stage performance credits include: the injazz festival 2018 (nl), the north sea jazz festival (nl), the bimhuis (nl), lantaren venster(nl), the north sea jazz festival aroundtown (nl), rotterdam jazz festival (nl), womack music festival (sp), the jerish festival of art and culture (amman, jordan), jazz club minsk belaruse, berlin performance podiums, san fancisco jazz festival (ca), oakland jazz festival (ca), the world stage (ca) and a wide variety of international clubs and theaters.

performances are an eclectic mix of a wide variety of musical genre which feature west african/brazilan rhythm fusions along with contemporary and traditional jazz infra structures. performances can include spoken word, visual arts, even dancers. recognizable musical influences include sun ra, miles davis, gil evans, john coltrane.

los angeles native ghasem batamuntu has a long history of musical collaborations and associations which include jackie mclean, julius hemphill, sam rivers, bobby hutcherson, horace tapscot, eddie henderson, sonship theus, tootie heath, rasul siddik, david murray, omar sosa, pharoh sanders, archie shepp, sonny simmons, julian priester to mention but a few.

spoken word is an intergral part of performances. featured spoken word artist have included: will alexander(usa), kamau daaoud(usa), k.curtis lyle(usa), m.c. complex(sur/nl)

recorded projects include: “life on uranus”- challenge records(nl)
“a gift from trane”- tahoe records(usa)

the nu nova compound
ghasem batamuntu- sop.sax, didgeridoo, electronics, misc. percussion
regis molina- alto/baritone saxophones
franklin caesar- bass clarinet, alto saxophone, flute
yannick hiwat- violins, electronics
mark milan- keyboards
maxium baghuis- synthesiers
saskia jonker- vocals
johnny tevreden- acoustic and electric bass
andro biswane- guitar
owen hart jr.- trap drums
luiz perillo- brazilan percussion
mamour seck- tama
m.c. complex- spoken word poet

special guests in residence: will alexander- spoken word poet
scheherazade stone- vocals