CD Review Mozaic The Mirror Conspiracy
The Mirror Conspiracy in Paradiso (Photo: Renato Verweij)

Album Cover of The Mirror Conspiracy – Mosaic, created by guitarist and painter Patrick Verdonk

Keyboardist / founder / composer / manager Mike Bindraban put two pans of delicious food on the table and almost immediately begins to tell ‘his’ band. Guitarist and singer Patrick Verdonk Daisy Cools also participate in the meal and the conversation.

Together with bass player Mike and Patrick Nikos Paisopoulos forms the basis for The Mirror Conspiracy, created from their previous collaboration in the band Hyphen. In the beginning, The Mirror Conspiracy hardly a permanent occupation, the three aforementioned individuals following. The gig on numoonfest in 2007 brought a major turnaround: a live EP and a cohen delicate composition of this band.

That The Mirror Conspiracy permanent band members, does not mean that others are not welcome. Since 2008, several guest musicians reviewed. GMB rapper from the Japanese trumpeter Toshinori Kondo. Along the way she also picked up Mike’s ‘hero’ on Ghasem Batamuntu. This American saxophonist / flutist / percussionist obviously felt at home because he is now a permanent fixture in this formation.

Esther Vroegindeweij (violin), Danny Green (drums) and Angela Franzen (guitar) complete the group. The earlier mention of a “connection” is really not for The Mirror Conspiracy. According to Mike is more than a band. It’s actually a real conspiracy, a conspiracy of musicians who make music based on improvisation and ear. Almost nobody in this group is musically trained, but we listen carefully to each other. People try color and nature into sound. Play along when someone who can read notes, ask that person to sheet music and arrangements. One of the answers can be: “Since we do not, but this song is purple, with here and there a tendency to yellow.”.

Daisy Cools has two solo albums to her name and had to think when they asked for The Mirror Conspiracy. Eventually she thought it was exciting and an excellent addition to her solo work. Almost everyone brings a different musical background with it. From jazz to singer / songwriter of grunge to lounge. That makes the sound of The Mirror Conspiracy unique.

For the debut album Mozaic, which last week successfully presented in a packed Paradiso, the songs do not arise in the conventional way. Tubb’s Dentist is opener one day for the recordings created and is based on what a basloopje while tuning the instrument was noted. Canard is also more or less this way.

Mozaic sounds like a cinematic journey through the color landscape that outlines this formation. The diversity of styles of songs that The Mirror Conspiracy, you can put in a box. It contains elements of jazz, trip hop, rock, lounge, fusion, funk and so go through. The painted canvas on which the group seems to be endless. A plate of just over three minutes is not enough for the whole message across to the listener. However, one gets a pretty good idea of The Mirror Conspiracy and invites them to go experience a live, because there are fewer restrictions and may release the conspiracy.

Most striking is the last track, Judy. This is it twice, but the valve is thrown in the remix by The Beat Doctor Doctor. The remix is striking, because this version contains just that the musical structures that you expect on any given plate. A surprising and nice finish.

The Mirror Conspiracy, like their album, not something to listen to. No, you must undergo this music. Give your full experience and the extensive palette.