this page is a poetry platform for the phonetic engineering project; a launch site for phonetic engineers. it contains multimedia works with a focus on poetic text and presentations of the un-spoken word tradition….visuals…and musical framewoks…it highlights the literary concerns of ghasem batamuntu as well as features the work of poetic associates and self adopted mentors will alexander…k.curtis lyle…nathanial mackey…and others

The Mars Bar and Grill

Everything is Waking Up with K. Curtis Lyle

recorded live in oalkand, california this clip features devout poet, the most reverent k. curtis lyle in the house with ghasem batamuntu and his multimedia performance ensemble…..the nu nova compund….featured […]

Spirit Bridge…for alice coltrane

in dedication to the blessed spirit of our god mother….alice coltrane…featured performers include scheherazade stone… omar sosa…destiny mohammed…eric hunt….and others…original poetic text from ghasem batamuntu…recorded at kimball’s east in emoryville, […]

For Jackie Mack Lean

dedicated to the historic legacy of of grand master music crafts man, the honorable dr. jackie mclean…

Lunch Poems…with Will Alexander

this clip features the poetic work of master myth visualist will alexander; my favourite writter both past and future. here he presents his work as part of the literary presentation […]

Vertical Beach in Charcoal and Cobolt…Will Alexander

will alexander presents his work with ghasem batamuntu and the nu nova compound at mimi’s jazz oasis in woodland hills, california…

Will Alexander…Blood Pinguin

recorded in live performance in the netherlands, this clip finds will alexander in pure science fiction mode, with festish fiction codes, as he and ghasem batamuntu’s nu nova compound tell […]

Will Alexander with Makiko Goto

makiko goto is a young master of the bass koto and other traditional japaneese instruments. here she perfroms a duet with l.a. based poet will alexander, accompinied ny her song […]

Will Alexander in Amsterdam

a love sonnet from poet will alexander accompanied by suriname bassist johnny tevreden, and on shu, from japan the gentle spirit of mis naomi sato…

Something about John Coltrane

dedicated to thespirit of sri rama ohnedaruth…